DigiWidgets gives you a photo editor inside of your WordPress dashboard. You can edit images on the fly and create better experiences for your clients.

Introducing: Divi Module Add-On

The Divi Module Add-On only works with DigiWidgets Pro


Have you ever had a client add an image to a site that was WAY too big, broke the layout, and then blame it on you?


Yes layers – like in Photoshop! Move layers up and down using tools or drag the thumbnails in the order you want them.


Ever wanted to ‘undo’ all the way to the beginning of a project? With DigiWidgets WordPress image editor, you can!

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level up your wordpress game

If you’ve ever wished you had a Photo editor inside your WordPress dashboard, you’ve met your match. DigiWidgets can make your life much easier! Whether you’re looking to hack your workflow or make the client handoff an easier process, the plugin is for you. Click the button below to snag up your copy of DigiWidgets now.

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